• Alcoholism

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    Party time- starting with a sip of whisky or beer, a more familiar situation for young people in recent days in the name of modernity.Alcohol consumption is associated with having fun and enjoying life. Let it be any ceremony, get together of friends, or no occasion at all, people need just a peg of alcohol to enjoy or to release pressure. The alcohol we consume to have fun in life may sometime be not as referred commodity as we guess it to be. Excessive, irresponsible drinking takes away that very life itself.
    It is not that alcohol is harmful from every prospects. Doctors have confirmed that very limited amount of alcohol may be helpful to create sound health. But the problem is,it does not happen. It is a common conclusion drawn from majority of the population that drinking alcohol for the first time was the worst experience. But as you adapt yourself to the drinks, no matter how much bitter it tastes,you will fall to its trap. That very habit you generate from alcohol consumption is commonly known as Alcoholism.
    Alcoholism is a state where you are physically addicted to alcohol and continue to drink, despite having physical, mental, social problems and also problems with family, or job responsibilities. Alcohol may manipulate you in your relationship and life as a whole. People become the victim of the alcoholism at a very young age and when they realize that they need to get off this, they are already out of their adulthood itself.
    The more interesting fact is,though we generate alcoholism through drinking habit, alcoholism is not actually a habit. It is a disease. I heard a man say, ” you drink a glass of milk everyday before going to bed but on a given day if you forget to drink milk,you aren’t going to suffocate because you can change your habit for a day. It doesn’t happen same with alcohol. If you are a drunkard and you don’t get a drink for a day,you are going to get mad for it. You would do anything out of limit to have a glass of alcohol.”
    Popular script-writer, director and composer Javed Akhtar has shared his experience in a television show about the days when he was badly addicted to alcoholism. He stated that actors in movies speak fluently and with immense emotions once they are drunk but in reality a person after s/he is drunk can be only one of three characters- either silly, or donkey or both.
    Alcohol develops receptors in the first consumption and continuously multiplies with every additional consumption, A person who drinks very rarely in a rare quantity has the ability to redeem these receptors rapidly but the process of cleansing these receptors is very slow in the body of a person who is regular in drinking. As a result, these receptors create law of demand function in the brain. They order alcohol with the person and literally go on strike when their needs aren’t fulfilled. The more the occasions or stress or difficulty,the more will be the demand.
    Drinking regularly is harmful in every prospect but this does not mean that those who drink occasionally are free from this disease. In fact, occasional drinkers can be more violent at times. The tendency of drinking like there’s no tomorrow is the principle of alcoholics, may they be regular or occasional.
    Many alcohol addicts have climbed back to normal life, proving that it is possible to live happily without alcohol. Let us be aware in time so that we would leave no point left to regret in future. Be healthy,quit alcohol.
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